Wrinkles On The Chin

When you start aging, your skin does the same thing, and wrinkles on the chin may appear. During the aging process, your skin becomes thinner and much more fragile. Oil production may slow down, and this means that your skin will become drier. This makes those wrinkles a lot easier to see. Chin wrinkles may also be caused by sun damage, smoking and genetics, to some degree.

Wrinkles On The ChinIn dealing with wrinkles, a visit to your dermatologist will be helpful. He or she can recommend the best products for your skin type, whether they are prescriptions or drugs and creams that you can get over the counter. Using creams to fight wrinkles will be helpful in reducing the roughness of your skin, and some of its wrinkling.

Creams that are often used for wrinkles usually contain vitamins and minerals, and other ingredients that will allow your skin to regain some of its health and elasticity. This will help to keep you looking younger. You should also concentrate on proper nutrition. If you’re not giving your body the right nutrients it needs, then your skin is not getting them, either. Eat more foods high in vitamins C, E and A, and those that contain selenium or zinc. Some of the best things to eat for your skin are nuts, leafy lettuce, broccoli, eggs and low-fat milk. Drink water throughout the day as well, to keep your body and your skin well-hydrated.

There are some facial exercises that people do for wrinkles on the chin, too. When you speak and express yourself, the same facial muscles are used. Using targeted exercise, you can use other muscles in your face that aren’t used as often in speech. This will be helpful in getting rid of wrinkles.

You might also use home remedies that may counteract wrinkles’ effects. These remedies can be helpful for skin to use, to look younger. One remedy includes rose water, an egg white and two spoons of glycerin. This mixture is applied to the chin, and washed off after ten minutes or so, using cold water.

Glycerin and honey are sometimes used as a mixture to help get rid of wrinkles. If you leave them on your face for ten or 15 minutes and then wash them off, they will sometimes help lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Some people use rice powder and yogurt instead. This is left on your face for just about five minutes and then fully rinsed off.

Protect your face, and the rest of your skin, from the damaging rays of the sun, whenever you will be outside. The sun does not need to be bright in the sky to cause damage. You might want to wear a hat with a brim, so that it shields your face from the sun.

If creams and lotions simply don’t work for you, ask your dermatologist if he or she might suggest other ways to get rid of wrinkles. You may learn about microdermabrasion machines, which will sand down the top layer of the skin, to allow new skin to grow. You will probably have swelling after this procedure, and redness as well, but within several weeks, your skin may begin to feel fresher and younger, and your wrinkles on the chin will be less noticeable.