The Newest Under Eye Treatments for Dark Circles

For many years, women have used makeup, like concealers, on their under eye areas. But now many beauty product companies have introduced under eye creams and products that actually give you an under eye treatment, you can treat them instead of just hiding them.

Dark under-eye circles can make you look older and more tired, and skin care companies are looking for better ways to address that problem.

Why are dark circles so hard to treat?

Under Eye TreatmentsDark circles come about as a result of many different factors. Genetics are at play, to be sure. In addition, being overly tired can actually make your skin dull, which can add to the look of dark circles. Drinking alcohol will dehydrate your skin, too, and make it thinner.

Most dermatologists agree that the main cause of dark under eye circles is an excess skin pigmentation. Every skin type and color can be affected by dark circles, but they are especially troublesome for Southeast Asians and African-Americans. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, this will exacerbate your dark circles.

The skin under your eyes is naturally thinner than in most other parts of the body. Blood vessels that become dilated in this area are another reason for dark circles.

Allergens can also cause a pooling of blood in the blood vessels beneath the skin. This worsens the appearance of dark circles. If this is one of the main reasons for your dark under-eye circles, taking an antihistamine may help.

Aging also darkens the area under the eyes as it causes the skin to become even thinner. Some medications can also dilate under-eye blood vessels. Traditional under-eye creams may not work well, either. This is due in large part to the fact that most creams are not formulated for dilated veins or excess pigmentation.

What improvements are being made in under-eye treatments?

If you’re not sure why you have dark under-eye circles, you can use up-to-date treatments that include alphahydroxy acids or plumping agents. One such treatment is Elite Serum. You can read well written Elite Serum RX review here. This thickens the skin, and can add volume. Some brightening treatments use vitamin C to minimize melanin, which can cause lighter circles.

Older dermatologist treatments could be painful and cause skin damage, But now, plumping up the under-eye area with filler injections is a popular treatment if you don’t want a lot of down time after your treatments. Fillers will cover up the blood vessels peeking through your skin, as well as melanin. You may experience allergic reactions, swelling or bruising.

Are fillers the answer, for now?

For business women who have plunked down high dollars for creams and lotions that didn’t help, fillers have proven to be much more effective. They may experience a bit of swelling, but some have said that they just applied ice, and were back on their regular schedule the next morning.

Women who work in the retail environment, as well as moms who take care of the family and also spend a lot of time in public, all want their under-eye areas to look lighter. Sales women want a polished look. If you have not achieved positive results from creams and lotions, give fillers a try. Talk to your dermatologist. You might be pleasantly surprised.